FREE: Side Hustle Workshop - August 2017

How to kick start your side hustle, even if you're crazy short on time, lacking in confidence & have no idea where to start!
It's time to stop dreaming about creating an income doing what lights you up. Join me for an interactive workshop where I'm dishing up...
How to boost productivity and find the extra time to work on your side hustle - it's there, I promise!
How to overcome the fear of getting started.
Where the heck to begin, even without an idea or business experience. 
How to identify your unique skills (we ALL have some!) and leverage them to build your side hustle.
The only 5 things you need to get your side hustle going! Hint: Money isn't one of them!

Warning: I only offer this training twice a year! If you've ever thought you were meant for something bigger, meant to leave your mark on the world, meant to make an impact; then this FREE workshop is specifically designed for you!
So, who am I to be teaching this?
I'm glad you asked! I'm a former Sales Director for a Fortune 500 company.

I've helped build three hugely successful start ups, all of which were sold. The last of which was sold for $405million. 

I'm also a life and business coach based in NYC and remain an advisor to high growth start ups in Silicon Valley and New York.

LinkedIn has recognized me as one of the nation's top career experts and I've been featured on the Today show and in the likes of Forbes, Inc., Business Insider, BBC, Refinery29, Elite Daily, Marie Claire, The Huffington Post, and many more media outlets around the world.

My work has been shared by thought leaders and entrepreneurs such as Paulo Coelho, Arianna Huffington, Sara Blakely (billionaire founder of Spanx) and Kris Jenner to name a few. 

And, most proudly, I've taught thousands of people how to build successful Side Hustles through my articles, course and first book on the subject, which was a #1 Amazon Best Seller for "Women & Business"!
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